Marcus Reynolds - Man of the Match

In his last game of the season, Marcus Reynolds earned the title of ‘Man of the Match’ against Logrones Denver SC. Although it was his fifth game starting, Reynolds switched things up this past Sunday, May 7, and started his first game as center mid. Over the past couple of weeks, Reynolds has been a reliable and consistent player. He continuously helped his team to victory with his support in the defensive line. It was no different in Sunday’s game. Reynolds was a key pillar to the game as he created multiple offensive opportunities.

Reynolds shared some words over the team’s win,

“The boys came out hard today in the first five to ten minutes. We pressed Logrones to keep them back on their half of the field. At first we started with over the top balls, but then we started settling in, moving the ball on the ground, and that’s how we opened them up to the outside and scored a few goals. After we scored a couple of goals, the game opened up and we were able to put them away. It’s a good win for the boys today. Hopefully we can continue this stride into the rest of the season.”

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